Analyse and edit AFP data streams.

Function ExcitingAFP Light ExcitingAFP Studio
All functions of the base component yes yes
AFP preview, including PDF container display yes yes
Other container formats of the base component Surcharge Surcharge
Print yes yes
Structure and object tree presentation yes yes
Familiar Windows Explorer style environment yes yes
Modify/edit structure and objects yes
Commenting out and in of Structured Field groups yes
Visual search in preview yes yes
Detailed search in structure and object tree yes yes
One-click selection of page elements yes yes
Support of all relevant code pages for NOP-, TLE and other text elements yes yes
Display of XMP metadata yes yes
Editing of XMP metadata yes yes
View color management resources and ICC profiles yes yes
Editing of color management resources and ICC profiles yes
Hex display for native Structured Field presentation yes yes
Hex editor yes
Listing of all referenced resources yes yes
Clickable cross-references between all objects yes yes
Extract embedded AFP as well as foreign objects via right click yes yes
Mixed-/Line-Mode support Surcharge Surcharge

Screenshots of new functions


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