The universal tool for print documents

Control all print formats and AFP data streams in your print shop with a single program. Optimize your printing processes and benefit from more speed, more efficiency and more quality.

With Lookup2 you can display, analyze and edit all formats and format combinations and thus optimize them for printing. Speed up your order processing. Increase your productivity and improve the quality of your print products. Your customers will be excited.

Lookup2 Configurator

Select the formats you want to view, analyse or edit and click on 'Proceed'. The configurator will choose the right product configuration for you in the shop.


Data stream management that excites.

This module extends Lookup2 to a highly productive tool for analyzing & editing AFP files (MO:DCA & Mixed/Line-Mode).

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The Lookup2 System

Lookup2 is a modular system consisting of the Lookup2 Desktop and Lookup2 modules. You can configure the system according to your individual needs and only pay for the functions you need.


The Lookup2 Desktop is the standardised user interface for your complete print data analysis.


Customise Lookup2 to meet your print shop's needs. This saves you money and means you always have the right functionality at your fingertips.