Lookup2 is the universal tool for all print documents and formats. It supports the whole print process: from order taking to preparation and controlling to proofing and processing of data streams.


Document viewer for all formats.


Multiformat parser to analyze print data.


Multiformat editor for faster proofing and more productivity.

Today, print documents integrate a wide variety of other formats, combining their respective strengths. The days when AFP, PDF or PostScript documents lived isolated in their own environments are long gone. We need a new generation of tools that view, analyze, modify and edit all these formats and ideally unite them under one roof. Lookup2 integrates all these functions in a highly productive interface providing more quality and more productivity.

Supported formats

AFP MO:DCA & Mixed/Line mode

Maximum flexibility

Modules for multiple document formats

Lookup2 is a modern, modular solution for the analysis and editing of data streams in the print industry. It is the exciting next generation of AFP-Lookup, the leading software tool and unrivalled industry standard of the last decade.



Analyse PDF documents.



Keep control of all fonts.


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