Data stream management that excites.

This module extends Lookup2 to a highly productive tool for analyzing & editing AFP files (MO:DCA & Mixed/Line-Mode).

The different variants of the ExcitingAFP module are the successor to the popular AFP Lookup product series, which has set a new standard among AFP analysis tools since 2001. Together with the functions of the Lookup2 desktop, the ExcitingAFP module has set out to increase its added value for the entire production chain once again!

With ExcitingAFP, you will experience the best AFP analysis tool currently available on the market in a modern design and with previously unknown functions, the benefits of which have been and continue to be optimised over many years of production experience. Of course, it is no problem to analyse files of several gigabytes in size in a reasonable amount of time and to navigate across the object tree of all objects contained in your print data stream at will. Find your source of error in just a few minutes, experience the ingenuity of the AFP format at first hand, or modify and create your own AFP files from scratch with this valuable tool!

Function ExcitingAFP Professional ExcitingAFP Professional Plus ExcitingAFP Studio ExcitingAFP Studio Plus
All functions of the AFP Viewer module
Full-text search for metadata, resources, free text components, etc.
Support for the entire AFP architecture of all published OCA specifications
Selectable page elements and display of their object properties at the click of a mouse
Support of all relevant EBCDIC/ANSI/ASCII code pages separately for NOP, TLE and other text elements
Structure display and object tree display in the familiar Explorer style
Modify or edit structure and objects
Zooming in and out of structure and objects
Displaying XMP metadata
Editing XMP metadata
Displaying colour management resources and ICC profiles
Editing colour management resources and ICC profiles
Hex display for native structured field representation
Hex editor
Cross-references between all recognised AFP objects
Mixed/line-mode support in display and analysis
Editing mixed/line-mode data

Not all of your users need the full power of ExcitingAFP? Then take a look at the AFP-Viewer module instead!