The mascot, a Two with big eyes, is standing in front of a desk with a monitor.

Lookup2 Desktop

Your command control centre for efficient print data analyses.

The Lookup2 Desktop is the standardised user interface for your complete print data analysis.

Document viewers, document editors, file managers, unpacking programmes, data transfer tools - different programmes used to be necessary for all of these. This is now a thing of the past. Lookup2 Desktop combines all the functions of your work processes in a tidy and convenient user interface.

Function Included
Standardised licence management
Integrated file explorer
Seamless opening of ZIP, TAR, GZ and BZ2 archives
Support for remote targets such as network drives, SMB, (S)FTP and HTTP(S) servers
Display of raster images such as BMP, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PNG, TGA, JPEG XR, JPEG 2000, TIFF, HEIC, WebP
Display & edit text files from EBCDIC to Unicode
Displaying and editing structured file formats such as XML, XMP, HTML
Displaying PDF files planned
Editing PDF files Surcharge
Displaying and editing AFP files (MO:DCA & mixed mode) Surcharge
Displaying PCL and HPGL files Surcharge
Display PostScript files Surcharge
Displaying SVG files Surcharge
Displaying XSL:FO files Surcharge