AFP Viewer

Extension module for displaying binary AFP files (MO:DCA)

The AFP Viewer impresses with a range of functions that other viewers do not offer.

Are you looking for a way to analyse AFP data streams in detail and edit them if necessary? Then take a look at the ExcitingAFP module {link to the ExcitingAFP module page}!

The Lookup2 Desktop already offers the display of many different file formats. Others, such as AFPDS (Advanced Function Presentation Data Stream), the dominant print data format, especially in individual high-performance printing, can be seamlessly integrated with the help of this module!

This “small” AFP display module already has a lot of functionality that other AFP viewers cannot offer, even if detailed analyses are not available in the ExcitingAFP module. The target group of this module are users who only need to view print data in AFP format, such as employees in call centres or in specialist departments.

Function Included
Display MO:DCA data streams (binary AFP)
Display PDF container content
Search for visual text components (no metadata)
Combined display of front and back pages & thumbnails
Clickable X/Y positions or selection frames for dimensioning
Colour picker (RBG)
Printing of pages & page ranges via client-side printer driver
Support for external resource libraries and ‘fully composed’ AFP files

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The AFP data format is maintained and further developed by the AFP Consortium. CRE-DO has been a permanent member of the AFP Consortium since 2007.